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2364 Northwest Hoyt Street
Portland, OR, 97210
United States



Our Story



100% wool or cotton, knit especially for you. Each piece is a timeless treasure meant to be passed down for generations to come. We love the idea "traditional modern," because it describes us to the core at House of Castellon. Our style of knitwear has been made the same since the 1920’s, but what makes us current is our modern patterns and use of color. 

We believe in the ripple effect - one small ripple can spread and change the world, one blanket or accessory at a time. We are building a company here in Portland, Oregon, USA. We hope this ripple will help rebuild the textile infrastructure that was lost In the 90’s by employing people and creating a community around these lovely beautiful items.

Welcome to our home.

Pamela Hill, Founder



Our Modern Heirlooms are designed here in Portland, Oregon. We believe in sustainability for the design, sourcing and production of our products. Sustainability is about making lasting items in a world losing touch with this idea. 

Our wish is that our products, as well as our sustainability ideals, will be passed down by families from one generation to the next. We hope you'll join us.

Nature knows best, wool is proof of it: it takes little more than water, sunshine and care

Meet the Founder

Pamela Hill is a modern problem solver; a designer passionate about material, color, function, love of home and our place in it.

“I love the function of things - beautifully crafted objects with meaning." Itʼs a love that began growing up in New England and continued through her design work and family life in Oregon.

While working on a home renovation and design project, Pam had a vision that became an obsession. She searched high and low for quality bedding with a modern point of view: lasting materials, a timeless palette and design that worked.

When she couldnʼt find what she wanted, she found partners willing to fulfill made-to-order products instead. House of Castellon is her solution. Modern Heirlooms. Made in the USA.
For you. With love.