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WASHING: The bedding, pillow covers and wooly wraps can be washed in a front loading washing machine.  Set front loading washer on the delicate / hand wash cycle using mild detergent & cold water.


STEAMING: Reshape while wet, lay flat or drape gently to dry. Once your item is dry, we recommend steaming for ideal presentation.

Dry cleaning is also an option.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do we protect our wool from Moth Damage?  
Moth damage to wool mainly occurs during storage or when wool articles are not moved or used on a regular basis.  Moths choose dark quiet undisturbed places to lay eggs. It’s the moth larvae that feed on wool, not the adult moths. Here are ways to help prevent this from happening.

Brush your wool on a regular basis with a lint brush or clothing & upholstery brush.

Clean wool items before placing in storage. Soiled wool (even that which has picked up invisible body oils) is more likely to attract moths. 

After cleaning, store wool in an airtight bag or container and place lavender pouches inside to help keep moths away. Lavender is a natural bug and moth repellent, so make sure to use it with your wool items.

Can we wash our wool?
Yes, please see our instructions above and take care to follow them: delicate cycle, cold water and air dry.

Dry cleaning is also an option.

Why can’t I wash my wool on regular wash cycle with hot water?
If you wash your wool on regular wash cycle on warm or hot water, you will shrink and felt your wool item.

How much does each bed cover weigh?
Our queen bed cover weighs between 9 & 10 pounds. That may seem heavy, but it is not once it is laid out on your bed. It’s cozy and perfect.

How does your product compare to other products? 
The average queen blanket weighs an average of 5 – 6 lbs.  Our queen bedcover weighs between 9 – 10 lbs.  Our products are knit versus woven.

If you would like to purchase some of our trusted care products, you can find them in our shop


If you have any questions about the care of your product, please don't hesitate to reachout to


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